Financial Intelligence

Innovative Program to develop
Financial Intelligence Of Youth and Parents


Enhance healty money habits, and
to promote virtues of savings and investing


Expand awareness and encourage
empowerment of Youth In Money decisions


Mobile Anywhere, Anytime
Financial App

Easy to use, Fun and highly interactive Mobile App that promotes Financial Intelligence!


Develop healthy money habits!

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Our Features

Interactive Learning

Instead of a traditional classroom setting, iWealth.org is designed to be interactive with the user. On demand learning through the app, website or interactive eBook lets you access the information when you need it most.


Access to information is real-time for both the Youth and their Parents, and information is presented in an easy to use and useful format for the respective user.

Easy to grasp

The program is designed to explain important financial terms as simply as possible – cutting out the unnecessary jargon and complications that can lead to confusion and mystification of wealth management for Youth.


iWealth.org builds awareness of wealth management in the Youth. When the time comes to take control of their own individual finances, the Youth will have the tools necessary to succeed!

Islamic Wealth Guide

by Dr. Omar Fisher

You can download our ebook online.

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